PlachetaDidactic film Gala was held on Thursday, January 23rd at "Unirea" National College hall. Project teams, teachers and students attended it. The "Unirea" College Headmaster, Cornel Noana, the project manager, Romulus Buzatelu and the guests had their own speech.f

The audience watched, around 90 minutes, the films made within the project. Diploma, prizes, booklets were awarded. The best films received "Oscar" prizes of 2013, as it folows:

  • The project team (coordinator teachers Apreutesei Maricica and Bozbici Mirela) from “Ioan Slavici” Highschool - Panciu – they were awarded for the best production and graphics;
  • CNU Biology Team (coordinator teacher Corina Ciucu) the film “Curiosities in Biology” – prize for the best editing was awarded;
  • CNU IT Team (coordinator teacher Genovica Vulpoiu) with the movie “Labyrint” - the prize for the best scenario;
  • CNU Maths Team (coordinator teacher Dan Popoiu) with the movie “Pearls in Mathematics”the best prize for an original idea;
  • CNU Chemistry Team (coordinator teacher Maria Dochia) with the film “The ball of fire”the prize was awarded for the best educational contents;
  • CNU Physics Team (coordinator teacher Liliana Grigoriu) the prize was awarded for the multimedia project “Dictionary of Physics” - the prize was awarded for the most wonderful project.

Images of the festivity
Echoes in the media