instruireThe second training session will be held on April 20th and the group leaders responsable for the technical teamworks will be chosen.

Theme: Video processing.

01The first gala and seminar will be held from May 31st to June 1st. Teachers, students involved in creating lessons, school headmasters, Intuitext Company representatives, Google engineers, Inspectorate and the Ministry officials will attend the seminar.

Arrival of the participants on Friday, 31st May.

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“Uniristii” Association and “Unirea" National College” announce the launching of the project Lessons On Demand upheld by RISE programme of Google Company.

The project was selected from 800 candidates and only 30 were chosen as worldwide winners.

You can see those who have just been selected as project winners.


The project will be run for about a year long and it aims the realization of making short video lessons translated into English for the following subjects: Informatics, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

Several team works formed by students and teachers will be trained in the process are: “Unirea" National College”, Vulturu, Jaristea Rural Secondary Schools, and “Ion Slavici” Highschool from Panciu County.

Uniristii Association from Focsani, Romania, thanks on behalf of Romanian students benefiting from the program Google RISE for a better education. 


DSC 0042Thursday, March 28th will be held at ”Unirea” National College festivities hall. It will be a meeting for both students and teachers involved in the project. ”Ioan Slavici” Theoretical HighSchool from Panciu County and Vulturu and Jaristea Secondary Schools will be present too.

Promotional materials will be given to the students: