Within Google Rise Awards, the project is funded by Google Company, over 800 world wide educational program applied and only 30 were selected as winners, and among which only one in Romania was considered successful, that is the project belonging to “Unirea” NationalCollege in Vrancea county.

Rise project (Roots in Science and Engeneering) has its main target to make and help students all over the world understand the exact science approaches and the foundations of programming.

The project was initiated by C.N.U. in partnership with “Uniristii” Association which has as main object to create a new school of video lesson makers for computers, tablets and mobile phones, especially in many fields connected to Mathematics, IT, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Work teams of students and teachers will be trained to create filmscript, to shoot and edit a movie, make short video films that will last 3-10 minutes. These will be considered as useful tools for the teaching and learning process.

It means a new challenge for both students and teachers who intend to continue another well-known project, IT Science Caravan, which took place in several rural secondary schools two years ago, also financed by Google Rise Awards.

The new project involves other schools as project partners such as: “Ioan Slavici” Theoretical Highschool in Panciu county, “Jaristea” and “Vulturu” Secondary Rural Schools, as well as, Intuitext and www.didactic.ro joined it as partners.

270 students and almost 30 teachers will work and co-operate through the whole period of 2013. We intend to collect and store over 100 educational films in a computer archive and release them with the help and contribution of effective involvement of students and teachers altogether.

Within LessonsOnDemand project, we will organize a seminar and an awarding ceremony for the best educational making films.

To the seminar, teachers, students and Google engineers will be invited to participate, as well as guests from Romanian Universities and other colleges are expected to attend it at the end of May.

In June, two project representatives and delegates will participate to a seminar held in London at Google headquarters. The seminar will be about education through science and computing program.

Further information about the project and its achievements will be displayed on the site: http://lessonsondemand.lufo.ro/


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